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Concerts with Commentary

Mark Salman is dedicated to the idea that great art can communicate to any audience, no matter their prior listening experience. It is just a matter of giving them confidence in their own listening abilities, to validate their own perceptions, that gives them the key to participate deeply and fully in the art.

Through his own commentary, Mr. Salman illuminates his personal experience with the music, what draws him to it and why it is important. He brings to life the personality of the composer in a way that contemporary audiences can personally relate to. He illustrates how the composer's personality or events in his life directly influenced the music being performed, giving the audience an “in” to building their own relationship to the music, to understanding the music through their own experiences and spontaneous emotional reactions.

Mr. Salman can also make clear the technical details of a score to any type of audience, and performances can be tailored to the requirements of any level of audience musical experience and knowledge.

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