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A Chopin Celebration


A series of concerts commemorating his 200th birthday

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Three Recital Series

May 7, 21 and June 4, and lecture Apr. 24, 2010

in Seattle, WA


Selections from his Waltzes, Polonaises, Nocturnes, Mazurkas, Sonatas and other works, along with commentary on his life, times, music and place in history.

Chopin's music has a remarkable relevance and expressive immediacy to audiences, its appeal as universal today as when it first appeared nearly 200 years ago. His music is unique in its exploration of the personal, in its vivid evocation of the subtle interplay of shades of feeling, at times welling up into emotions intense and overwhelming, that resonate deeply with the day–to–day human experience. Perhaps it is even more important to audiences of today, when the inner life of the individual is so often drowned out by the hectic pace and information overload of the modern world.

His music is constantly with us, and is central to the pianist's repertoire. Yet, with its immediate appeal, it is easy to take Chopin's art for granted and to overlook the truly radical nature of much of his work and that he was perhaps the most original artist of his time. His place in musical history and the huge influence his works had on his contemporaries and followers is too often underestimated.

Join pianist Mark Salman for this series of recitals, an opportunity to experience the broad range of Chopin's intellectual and artistic achievements, and to appreciate the emotional subtlety and complexity of his very personal yet universal art.

Program from Chopin Celebration Recital on May 7, 2010

Program from Chopin Celebration Recital on May 21, 2010

Program from Chopin Celebration Recital on June 4, 2010

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