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Private House Concerts


Much of the concert repertoire for piano was originally conceived to be performed in the salons of the aristocracy and wealthy musical patrons. The subtlety and nuance of this repertoire can only be truly appreciated when heard in an intimate space. Audiences discover that they can appreciate the music on a new level without the physical and emotional distance imposed by the concert hall. The opportunity to interact with the performer and to observe the performance at close range add a visceral immediacy to the music otherwise impossible to experience.

Mr. Salman particularly enjoys the close interaction with his audience, introducing each piece with his own commentary, communicating to the audience his own feelings about each work as well as illustrating the composer's life and times, making the personality of the composer, and therefore the music come alive for the audience. If you have a fine piano, invite 20 family members, neighbors and friends to join in an intimate artistic experience usually considered impossible to experience.

Contact for details and fees.

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